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Office Services:

Integrated Massage can include a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue,  and Sports (stretching) techniques based on each person’s needs.  Hot Stone Massage incorporates warm basalt stones to aid in relaxing tight muscles and reduces stress by producing a calming affect.

You can choose between:

  • $49 = 60 minute Integrated Massage
  • $59 = 60 minute Hot Stone Massage
  • $69 = 90 minute Integrated Massage with back or foot scrub
  • $79 = 90 minute Hot Stone Massage with back or foot scrub

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your schedule appointment to complete a health intake form.  Free Parking is available at the front and back of the building.  We are located in suite M20A on the 2nd floor. *

Mobile Services:                                                                                                      

You can choose between:

Chair  Massage  for $1/minute in increments of : (recommended for a crowd of MORE than 5 people)

  • 10 minutes = $10  (for businesses & events only)
  • 15 minutes = $15  (for businesses & events only)

Table Massage  for $1.50/minute in increments of: (recommended for a crowd of LESS than 5 people)

  • 20 minutes = $30  (for businesses & events only)
  • 30 minutes = $45  (for home & businesses only)
  • 60 minutes = $90  (for home & businesses only)

*Add an additional $10 to the total price of the service if your Therapist needs to travel 20 miles or more from 21212*

The times include a brief 2-3 minute consultation to determine the desired goals of each person.  Chair massage is performed with clothes on and table massage can be performed with or without clothes, it is at the discretion of each person.  Everyone is always properly draped with a sheet or towel.

We accept all major credit cards, business checks, and cash.

     We look forward to serving you!

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